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Magsaysay believes that an important measure of our success is our ability to help our seafarers and their families achieve their aspirations in life. Magsaysay’s Family Center, established in 1979, has dedicated personnel whose sole responsibility is to provide a link between the Company and the families and provide a support system in terms of family –oriented services and programs.
This commitment is mainly responsible for long-term relationships with our officers and crew that last for 20 to 25 years notwithstanding the contractual nature of their employment.
Our family programs are:
Magsaysay Savings Program
 The Magsaysay Savings Culture encourages our workforce to save at least ten (10) percent of their income in hopes that during the crew’s shipboard employment, they will be able to save for the college education of their children, invest in a personal business, have money for retirement and have equity for their own house.
News and Information Website for Crew and Families (www.home-harbor.com)
Part of our service to seafarers and their families is an interactive website, www.home-harbor.com. All Magsaysay deployed seafarers and their dependents or “Allotees” have their own secured user names and visit the site to view their payslips which includes their income, decuctions and remittances.  www.home-harbor.com is also the news and information portal for seafarers and their families. Many of our Family Center services that do not need personal visits by the families to process will also be online.
Magsaysay SIM 
To promote 100% connectivity with all our crew and their families, Magsaysay worked with SMART Communications to develop the special MagsaysaySim card in 2008. The goal is for all Magsaysay crew and at least one member of the family to use the Sim card as their primary Sim. The Sim card has no expiration and entitles the crew to cheaper communication charges. It has a special menu of information that every crew of Magsaysay would need or want to know. There’s a special menu for families with information they would need, ie allotment schedules, payslip data, and others.
Magsaysay Mobile App
Launched in September 2012, the Magsaysay mobile application enables crew and their families to access Magsaysay services, such as allotment and training schedules and more, from their iOs and android devices, whether tablet or mobile phones.
Call Center
Our Call Center allows our crew and their families to inquire about vital work or benefits-related information.  Applicants can also call the hotline to follow up on their applications.
Hire to Retire
Magsaysay also tracks the career of each individual to identify those about to retire and works with him on a transition program into shore based jobs upon retirement.
Branch Offices
Family Center services have been replicated in four branch offices of Magsaysay located in the key cities of Cebu, Davao, Iloilo and Bacolod.  Magsaysay also has representative offices in Hong Kong, Indonesia, North America, Central America, and Canada.
The Magsaysay Cooperative provides Magsaysay People with access to low cost financing, encourages thrift and savings for capital formation, extends credit to members, and produces goods and commodities as livelihood source.
Membership is open to all regular employees, seafarers, allottees, friends and relatives of Magsaysay People.
For more information about MAGCOOP, visit www.magcoop.com


Key Contact


Alfonso Pablo, Jr.

Head, Magsaysay Maritime Corporation (MMC)

Tel: (632) 526.8888 local 9669

E-mail: jong.pablo@magsaysay.com.ph