MAGSAYSAY Establishes HR Consulting Company, MM Empower Corp.

MAGSAYSAY Establishes HR Consulting Company, MM Empower Corp.: Joint Operations in Global HR Consulting with Long-term Partner, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines

October 9, 2020, Friday

MANILA — Magsaysay People Resources Corporation (MPRC) of the Magsaysay Group1, today announced that on August 14, it jointly established a global human resources (HR) consulting company,  MM Empower Corp., with Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) of Japan, one of the leading ship operators in the world and Magsaysay’s long-term partner in seafarer talent solutions, education, and training.

Filipino seafarers play key roles in global shipping and onboard MOL-operated vessels. In partnership with MOL, Magsaysay has provided education and training programs in the Philippines for many years, with the aim of developing seafarers who can uphold the high standards of vessel operating safety demanded by the global maritime industry2.

The joint venture, MM Empower, will offer global HR consulting services for Japanese companies leveraging on MPRC’s strong track record, brand power, and know-how in finding talent solutions for its customers in non-maritime businesses through its subsidiary, Magsaysay Global Services, Inc. (MGSI).

MM Empower will focus on Japanese companies in areas such as Aviation, Construction, Engineering, Power Generation, Railway, and Agriculture but may expand to other areas, according to future potential needs. It aims to help companies that are hiring overseas employees for the first time, or those aiming to expand the scale of their business with our solutions. It will offer mid and long-term consulting services, ranging from determining the need for overseas employees to customization, operation of local training programs, and dispatch of staff and continuous care to both customers and the workforce.

The MOL Group and its customers have faced serious personnel shortages in Japan’s domestic industries, and mid- and long-term solutions have been difficult to achieve. The Japanese government has implemented steps to develop an environment that is welcoming to overseas personnel.3 These include opening more occupational and residence status visas to increase the number of overseas workers.

MOL and Magsaysay, with an established and sustainable sea-based and land-based talent pool, contribute to the growth of Japan, the Philippines, and overseas workers by connecting these professionals and Japanese companies beyond borders through MPRC’s network. 


​1 --About Magsaysay Group of Companies

The Magsaysay Group, through its human resources subsidiary, Magsaysay People Resources Corporation (MPRC), provides talent solutions for global companies. It has a track record of deploying over 40,000 workers per year from the Philippines, Indonesia, China, and Eastern Europe for its clients in Japan, United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Oceania. Magsaysay Maritime Corporation (MMC) provides manpower and human resource services for the maritime industry. Magsaysay Global Services, Inc. (MGSI), provides manpower and human resources services for land-based industries, such as, hospitality and tourism, healthcare, oil and gas, and specialized engineering and trades among others.

2 --About local seafarer education

Magsaysay Institute of Shipping: A joint venture between Magsaysay Maritime Corporation (MMC) and MOL, established in 1993, provides practical upgrading training programs for seafarers. In 2007, through a tie-up with maritime academies in the Philippines, it started education programs for third-year students.

Magsaysay MOL Maritime Academy: A joint venture between Magsaysay Maritime Corporation (MMC) and MOL, established in 2018, is a private merchant marine academy with up to 300 students per class (150 each, respectively for nautical and engine departments), (May 8, 2018 press release:

3 --New system to promote use of overseas personnel

The revised immigration law issued on April 1, 2019 and new residence status conditions are aimed at opening more jobs to overseas work-ready personnel who have certain expertise and technical skills. In the next five years, the initiative is expected to bring in 260,000~340,000 overseas workers from different countries.

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