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Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) Administrator Dr. Maximo Mejia Jr. presented the latest updates on the Philippine maritime industry during the Japan Shipowners’ Association Seminar held at Tokyo, Japan last October 17, 2014.

The presentation focused on the progress and developments implemented by the MARINA as well as the administration’s prospects and future plans. Dr. Mejia cited some of the maritime reforms that have been recently executed that promote the capability of the maritime sector in the country:

1.)   Approval of Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) for Republic Act 10635: MARINA as STCW Administration

2.)   Rationalization plan and the appointment of qualified merchant officers as officials in MARINA.


Presently, MARINA is undertaking significant reforms in the monitoring of:

1.)   Maritime education and training (MET) and

2.)   Seafarer’s certification


MARINA is committed to strengthen the Philippines’ MET because global shipping and cruise industries still depend on Filipino maritime professionals to operate and serve onboard international vessels.

In ensuring the quality of the MET:

1.)   MARINA has released new revision of the OIC and MLC curricula in compliance with the STCW Convention

2.)   Appointed full-time MARINA evaluators & auditors

3.)   Expanded the standards of maritime schools

a.     Monitoring of the results of the outcomes-based evaluation

b.     Students’ performance on the competence examinations

c.     Success rate in the onboard training and school’s compliance with the revised curricula.


In addition, MARINA plans to develop the Philippines as a center for comprehensive maritime services: shipbuilding, and shipmanning. Dr. Mejia mentioned that the Philippines is one of the biggest shipbuilding nations in the world and this will help in modernizing the country’s fleet of domestic ferries. In order to attract more investment in the local maritime industry, MARINA is coordinating with various stakeholders to review and implement laws that will encourage the country’s competitiveness.

MARINA, as the single maritime administration, is aiming not only for a heavily-labor approach but on a maritime-technical and integrated system and this will refer to as the new face of the Maritime Philippines.

​source: Japan Shipowners’ Association Seminar

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