MARINA Updates on EMSA Audit Report

Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) issued an official Circular in response to the draft EMSA audit report on the inspection of the maritime education, training, and certification system in the Philippines. The draft report covers observations and deficiencies pertaining on the quality standards system, programme and course approval, monitoring and evaluation of training and assessment and maritime education and training institutions.  It  allows the Philippine government (through MARINA) to provide factual corrections before the EMSA finalizes its report in March 2014. As one of its major commitments ,  the Philippine government , through its Congress, has approved  House Bill 3766 designating MARINA as the single and lead maritime administration for Filipino seafarers to guarantee efficiency, transparency and competitiveness of the Philippine seafaring industry .


MARINA emphasized that there are no recommendations or decisions mentioned in the report -- neither to continue or withdraw recognition of Philippine certificates. The draft audit report contains only findings and observations of Philippine STCW implementation system based on EMSA’s inspection in October 2013.​

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