MARINA Guarantees Credibility in the Modernization of Seafarers’ Certification Issuance

Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), in coordination with the National Printing Office, has upgraded and modernized its current issuance process by establishing  a secure 24/7 online verification system. The new advancement was done to comply with the International Maritime Organization regulation and to provide the needed credibility to the documents issued by MARINA.

The 24/7 online verification system enables employers, ship-owners and port authorities to directly authenticate the Seafarer’s Identification and Record Book (SIRB) and Certificate of Proficiency (CoP)/Certificate of Competency (CoC) held by Filipino seafarers.

All MARINA issued documents are linked and associated with a tamper-evident 3D identity token seal printed with a Quick Response (QR) code and a unique alphanumeric reference number and passkey. Any signs of tampering and data alteration can thus be detected with ease and convenience.


The new system complies with the 2010 Amendments to the STCW Convention: to prevent proliferation of fraudulent certificates of competency and to allow other stakeholders to check the validity and authenticity of the documents of seafarers.​

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