Magsaysay Maritime Corporation Official Statement on Crew Repatriation of Costa Luminosa


MARCH 29, 2020, SUNDAY 

MAGSAYSAY, in coordination with Costa Cruises, can confirm the arrival of repatriated crew members from the Costa Luminosa to the Philippines on Saturday, March 28. There were 244 Filipino crew members and 6 Filipino guests. In addition to pre-flight screening for symptoms, Department of Health (DOH) officials at the airport also conducted health checks to all repatriated crew members prior to each one boarding buses which transported everyone to the designated quarantine facility. None of the repatriated crew members tested positive to COVID-19 and, per government-mandated protocol from the DOH and Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ), will be undergoing a 14-day quarantine at an undisclosed quarantine facility under the supervision of the DOH medical team. 

As stated through an earlier press release, Costa Cruises ships, as a precautionary measure, screen the temperature of all guests, visitors, and crew members and check for any flu-like symptoms. As part of its health protocol, crew members are currently occupying guest cabins – at one (1) crew member per cabin.  All crew members are provided with food and are treated well. 

Any crew member who tested positive were medically disembarked and brought to a hospital in Italy for further treatment and medical care. Any crew member who have had close contact with a crew member or guest who tested positive were also brought to a hotel in Italy for quarantine with medical support for observation. None of the Filipino crew members tested positive and medically disembarked. 

Magsaysay values the privacy and confidentiality of the identities of crew members and their families and, together with Costa Cruises, continue to closely coordinate with the DOH, DOLE, DFA, OWWA, POEA, and other IATF agencies. Magsaysay is also in communication with the families of repatriated crew members, updating them of developments as well as status of their loved ones. 

More information will be shared as it becomes available.

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