POEA Issues New Guidelines, Adopts IBF List of Warlike and High-Risk Designations

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) issued a Governing Board Resolution (GBR) No. 10 Series of 2019, identifying the revised war risk trading areas and ports and those warlike and high-risk designations and the applicable benefits due to Filipino seafarers.

The POEA Governing Board had adopted the amended IBF list of Warlike and High Risk designations:

·    Designation 1. IBF Warlike Operations Area – 12 nautical miles off mainland Yemeni Coast, excluding Maritime Security Transit Corridor (MSTC) in the Red Sea

o     Designation 1a. IBF Warlike Operations Area – all ports in Yemen

·    Designation 2. “IBF High Risk” – Gulf of Aden + 400 nautical miles off Somali East Coast, excluding the Internationally Recognized Transit Corridor (IRTC)

·    Designation 3. “IBF Extended Risk Zone” – West Indian Ocean and Red Sea, up to the Yemen/Saudi Arabia border at 160 22’N and including the MSTC but excluding the Warlike Operations Area and the High Risk Area designated in 1, 1a and 2 above.

·    Designation 4. “IBF High Risk Area” – Gulf of Guinea: territorial waters (12 nautical miles) ports and inland waterways of Nigeria and Benin, excluding the Maritime Exclusion Zone (MEZ), Secure Anchorage Area (SAA) and Ship-to-Ship Zone (STS)

·    Designation 5. “IBF Temporary Extended Risk Zone” – The Strait of Hormuz, excluding 3nm off the main coastlines of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman and Iran

For more information, please read the POEA GBR No. 10 Series of 2019:

POEA GBR No. 10 A.jpg

POEA GBR No. 10 B.jpg

POEA GBR No. 10 C.jpg

POEA GBR No. 10 D.jpg

POEA GBR No. 10 E.jpg

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