Magsaysay Participates at ACI’s 20th Maritime HR and Crew Management Summit

Arnold B. Javier, President of MMC, at the 20th Maritime HR and Crew Management Summit

Magsaysay Maritime Corporation (MMC) President Arnold B. Javier presented at the 20th Maritime HR and Crew Management Summit held in Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, Singapore last March 8-9, 2017. 

MMC President talked about the recruitment, selection, and retention of best crew whilst considering crewing costs. In his presentation, he discussed that human resource is still the most valuable resource amidst breakthroughs, crises, certainties and uncertainties. He concluded that investing in hiring the right people with the right character and providing quality training and education, will lead to quality performance of ships, reduced risks and incidence of human errors, better crisis management, satisfied customers and principals, and cost-efficiency in the long term. Javier also highlighted that if a company provides a clear career development plan and family assistance program, seafarers are more likely to stay loyal, therefore talent retention.

The 2-day conference focused on the economically effective strategies to promote crew selection and retention, procedures and maintaining regulatory compliance. The event, organized by the Active Communications International, provided the opportunity for valuable interactions among ship owners, ship managers, shipping companies, and key industry associations.​

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