Costa’s Here for You Training Produces 138 Graduates​

21 Bar Lounge Attendant Course graduates with MMC and MIHCA executives and instructors​​

To celebrate the achievements of the 138 trainees who completed the Here for You Training Program, Costa Crociere S.p.A. held a graduation program last March 8, 2017 at the Magsaysay Center for Hospitality and Culinary Arts (MIHCA) campus in Manila, Philippines.

This batch was composed of 18 trainees for the Commis de Cuisine Professional Course; 21 for the Bar Lounge Attendant Course; 19 for the Snack Steward Professional Course; 23 for the Food and Beverage Server Course; 20 for the Wine Cellar Assistant Course; 18 for the Bar Boy Course; and 19 for Galley Utility Course. The training programs were taught by MIHCA and Costa instructors including Chef Vill Avendaño, Chef Rhal Nemeraldo, Melchor Ubano, Fe Tatsayanonchai, Ronald Del Mundo, Joe Acuña, and Kyle Anthony Tejero.

Chef Paolo Guevara, President of MIHCA, started the program with his welcome address and encouraged the graduates to keep a positive attitude and value the meaning of commitment. Cheryl Cordura, Fleet HR Director of Magsaysay Maritime Corporation (MMC) also shared an inspirational message to the future Costa crew members. During the ceremony, graduates performed musical and dance numbers that made the event more fun and entertaining.

Since its implementation in 2007, Costa’s training programs have produced 13,398 graduates, many of whom occupy positions in Housekeeping, Food and Beverage, Galley, and Culinary onboard Costa cruise ships.

A member of the Magsaysay People Resources Corporation, MIHCA is at the forefront of training and producing job-ready professionals in the fields of hospitality, tourism and culinary arts. MIHCA has three campuses in the Philippines—Manila, Makati and Cebu—and a campus in Jakarta, Indonesia. Each campus houses state-of-the-art facilities including kitchen laboratories, bars and fine dining restaurants, mock-up hotel rooms and cruise cabins. MIHCA will soon open its fifth campus in Mandaluyong, Philippines.​

18 trainees for the Commis de Cuisine Professional Course.jpg
Commis de Cuisine Professional Course Trainees​

21 trainees for the Bar Lounge Attendant Course.jpg
Bar Lounge Attendant Course Trainees

19 trainees for the Snack Steward Professional Course.jpg 

Snack Steward Professional Course Trainees

23 trainees for the Food and Beverage Server Course.jpg
Food and Beverage Server Course Trainees

20 trainees for the Wine Cellar Assistant Course.jpg
Wine Cellar Assistant Course Trainees

18 trainees for the Bar Boy Course.jpg
Bar Boy Course Trainees

19 trainees for Galley Utility Course.jpg 

Galley Utility Course Trainees

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