Panama Maritime Authority Issues Merchant Marine Circular MMC-336

As a result of the International Labour Organization’s adopted amendments to the Maritime Labour Convention, the Panama Maritime Authority released the Merchant Marine Circular MMC-336 requiring all vessels sailing the Panamanian flags to secure financial security through P&I Club or insurers for repatriation (Regulation 2.5 Abandonment) and relating to shipowner's liability (Regulation 4.2).

The circular, which was issued to all shipowners, operators, company security officers, legal representatives of Panamanian flagged vessels, Panamanian merchant marine consulates, and recognized organizations, highlights the standards for financial protection of seafarers' entitlements when abandoned by the shipowner and in the event of death or long-term disability due to occupational injury, illness, or hazard.

The amendments will enter into force on January 18, 2017, after which all Panamanian flagged vessels will be required to maintain onboard a certificate or other documentary evidence of financial security and shipowner's liability. Inspections will be carried out on or after the effectivity date.

Read the full text of the Merchant Marine Circular MMC-336​.

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