​Suze Orman to Filipino Seafarers: Secure Your Financial Future

MANILA, Philippines-  The world’s most listened-to personal finance expert and one of Time magazine’s world’s most powerful women, Suze Orman, recently came to the Philippines to give advice to seafarers on how to save up, manage and grow their finances. The event was sponsored by Magsaysay, in cooperation with the Joint Manning Group (JMG), and Homer Foundation.

The ten-time New York Times best-selling author’s advise centered on how Filipinos must to learn how to say “no” to provide for financially dependent able-bodied members of their extended families. 

Orman came to the Philippines and is giving her services for free to to inspire seafarers to save for their retirement - debt free and financially secure.  She has created a unique personal finance course that teaches seafarers and their families how to improve their lives by achieving financial independence.  She has also inspired George Lichter, President of Apollo of the University of Phoenix, to work with JMG on the course.

“George and I had a dream, we had a dream that you could imagine what it would be like for you to be a nation of savers, for you to be a group of seafarers who save and invested. That you contributed to the strength not only of your own families, but to this country and the companies that you work for. And then everybody benefits from what is going on with this world with you. And that dream will come to be, hopefully with the aid of an educational course that we will give all of you and that you will take,” said Orman.

Members of the Joint Manning Group have come together to make this course available for free because of their understanding that educating and inspiring people will make families, companies, communities, and the country stronger and more secure.  At the end of the event, JMG board members, Capt. Ted Quijano, Eduardo Manese, and Marlon Rono presented Orman with a token of appreciation.



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