DOLE: Amend the Labor Code of the Philippines

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz confirmed that they will push for the amendment of the Labor Code of the Philippines to update and meet the present labor condition to further protect the workers in the country.


DOLE has created a Tripartite Labor Code Reform Committee in 2011 to review documents and development plans from the earlier initiatives and aims to modernize the Labor Code.


The following are the proposed new measures:

  1. On Apprenticeship (Act Reforming the National Apprenticeship Program and Providing Regulatory Standards for Training and Employment of Apprentices)
  2. On Public Employment Service (An Act Amending the Public Employment Service Office Act of 1999)
  3. On Labor Market Test (An Act Amending Articles 40 and 41, Title II of the Labor Code of the Philippines, As Amended)
  4. On Program for Employment of Student (An Act Amending Certain Provisions of Republic Act No. 9547)
  5. On JobStart. (An Act Institutionalizing the Nationwide Implementation of Jobstart Philippines Program and Providing Funds Therefor seeks to institutionalize the JobStart Philippines program)
  6. On Magna Carta of Seafarers (An Act Instituting the Magna Carta of Filipino Seafarers).
  7. On Strengthening Compliance with OSH Standards (An Act Criminalizing Non-Compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Standards)
  8. On Labor Law Compliance System (An Act Fostering a Culture of Voluntary Compliance with Labor Laws through a Labor Laws Compliance System)
  9. On Productivity Incentives (An Act Strengthening the Productivity Incentives Act of 1990)
  10. On Union Registration (An Act Further Strengthening Workers’ Right to Self-Organization)
  11. On Assumption of Jurisdiction (An Act Rationalizing Government Interventions in Labor Disputes by Adopting the Essential Services Criteria in the Exercise of the Assumption or Certification Power of the Secretary of Labor and Employment, and Decriminalizing Violations)
  12. On Voluntary Arbitration (An Act Further Strengthening Voluntary Arbitration as the Preferential Mode of Labor Dispute Settlement)
  13. On National Labor Relations Commission (An Act Providing for Appeal of the Decisions of the National Labor Relations Commission to the Supreme Court)
  14. On Security of Tenure (SOT) (These proposed measures seek to amend the provisions of the Labor Code on contracting and subcontracting arrangements, employment and termination of employment)


Source:  Manila Standard Today​

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