MARINA encourages women’s participation in maritime sector

The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) is encouraging Filipino women to pursue careers and participate in the maritime sector which is known as a male-dominated industry.  MARINA disclosed that out of 810,481 seaman’s book issued, a total of 47,038 were released to women. Metro Manila topped the list of female recipients of the travel document with 12,450, followed by Bulacan with 1,863; Iloilo, 1,842; Batangas, 1,439; Cebu, 1,396; Cavite, 1,365; Pampanga, 1,364; and Pangasinan, 1,311.

This positive development indicated that there is an increase in the number of Filipino women who have joined maritime sector with the ranks of marine officers while other are on the service sector, deck, engine and other assignments.


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