Skuld advises on the increase of MLC related inspections and detentions

The Skuld P&I Club has issued a loss prevention article to advise on the increase of MLC related inspections and detentions. MLC inspections are conducted by local Port State Control to verify ships are properly manned, equipped and operated in accordance with international conventions and regulations.

There are 14 key areas which are checked by PSC and frequent deficiencies may result in vessel detentions:

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The most frequent deficiencies are: non- payment of wages, manning levels, health and accident prevention, hours of work and rest, food and catering, and accommodation.

Skuld advised shipowners the importance of MLC compliance and clear understanding of its requirements. If during inspection and deficiencies were noted, fines and evens bans may be imposed to the non-compliant vessels. Skuld P&I Club also highlighted that ''Human Element'' is the key to loss prevention and the safety of voyage and whether seen holistically or economically, MLC compliance is important'.

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